Women Strong

Pelvic Health & Beyond (not just "pee, poo, & sex")

June 03, 2023 Dr. Brooke Schneider Season 2 Episode 1
Women Strong
Pelvic Health & Beyond (not just "pee, poo, & sex")
Show Notes

In this passionate & interesting interview on Pelvic Floor PT, Buffy Stinchfield, shares a ton of useful information on pelvic health and the many ways symptoms can present and impact overall physical and mental health. Buffy is the founder of Pinnacle Women's Therapeutics and the host of the "Birth Ready and Beyond - From Mom to Menopause" podcast.

"Buffy Stinchfield, PT, MPT, became a passionate advocate for women’s and pelvic health after years of suffering in silence with pelvic pain. She realized she finally needed to specialize in pelvic health after the birth of her first child in 2008 when her labor was anything but simple and her recovery was even more difficult. As she began her studies into this specialty, she was floored at the staggering statistics in pelvic health that pointed to the fact that pelvic health issues are VERY common. All of those years suffering in silence thinking she was ALONE should never have happened… and it is STILL the case for so many." ~Pinnacle Women's Therapeutics

During this conversation, Buffy & Dr. Nicole discuss pregnancy, postpartum, and some general physical & mental health symptoms that often impact women whether they've birthed babies or not. Buffy provides loads of pelvic health education and resources for this common, and commonly overlooked, women's health concern. Buffy offers online courses as well, so although her practice is located in the Pacific Northwest, you can begin learning more from her vast knowledge and experience today!

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