Women Strong

Dr. Brooke's Birthday Reflections

March 24, 2022 Dr. Brooke Schneider Season 1 Episode 14
Women Strong
Dr. Brooke's Birthday Reflections
Show Notes

This is an unusual episode for Women Strong, as we typically feature our expert interviews within this podcast, but Dr. Brooke (also affectionately known as "Babbling Brooke") felt inspired to speak directly to our podcast listeners about what's been on her mind lately. Sound is a little funky since Dr. Brooke recorded this entire episode as a voice memo while cross-country skiing!!! Please ignore her panting at times! This recording of Dr. Brooke's reflections was made specifically for the podcast (vs. our usual episodes that contain excerpts from our expert interviews that are made specifically for our Women Strong members, as they are the only women with immediate and exclusive access). There are LOADS (pun intended, you'll get this joke after you listen to the episode) of shout-outs in Dr. Brooke's conversation, so check out all of the links below to connect with these awesome folks! And, of course, if you'd like to be present on live interviews with Dr. Brooke, Dr. Nicole, the Women Strong members, and all of our fabulous female experts in the future, sign up for the Women Strong membership at womenstrongtogether.com!

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